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Quite recently, Emily reminded me that Smith's Doctor has 'a degree in cheese-making', albeit 'only the stinky, blue kind' - a category which fits roquefort fairly well. It also rhymes with 'Trenzalore', as this song attests.

I quite like the piano in this one. Is there too much piano on the record? I like to think it's mostly smothered.


On Trenzalore!
And silence must fall!
Or a thousand years of war
And Roquefort!

The grandeur
Of cheeses like roquefort
Grows lesser as
You fear the skies.

This cheese is for Summer
And flowers and colour,
With Summer delight
Not Winter and night.


A picnicking area
Safer and farer.
What’s scarier? Handles,
Or Roquefort and Candles,

Or armies above,
Or shedding of blood,
Or cheeses with mould,
Or growing old?


They will die,
some of these,
Never tasting
Summer Cheese.

In the chill
of the night,
In the kill
of the fight.


On Trenzalore,
No more.


from Time and Relative Digressions on Cheese, released June 30, 2015




Ben Swithen Sheffield, UK

Ben Swithen is a person.

Here you can find their music - solo work, and a Doctor-Who- and-Cheese double-concept concept-album by The Potential Bees (who are a two- or three- person band), which forces both concepts into every song).

You can also find Ben Swithen on Youtube, but why would you even?
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