This Thing Was Not Done In a Corner

from by Ben Swithen

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A song detailing Paul's testimony before Agrippa and Festus in Acts 25-26. For my money, this is the highlight of the book of Acts - Paul was a better orator than singer, and he had a lot to say.


1. Paul before Agrippa
If I have been an offender I refuse not to die.
But if there's none of these things With which these accuse me, Unto caesar go I!
Festus conferred with the council
It seemed that the answer was no
Hast thou appealed unto Caesar? To Caesar shalt thou go.
Paul stretched forth the hand, and Answered for himself: he says
"I think myself happy Agrippa To speak for myself this day.
I know thee to be an expert
In all questions concerning the Jews
I beseech thee to hear me patiently - What follows is no news, for –


2. Saul and the Church
My manner my life from youth Any man shall tell thee
Was the straitest of sects of our religion I lived a pharisee
By whom I stand accused, now, For truth of all I've said.
Why should it be thought a thing incredible That God should raise the dead?
I thought to do things contrary To Jesus, Nazarene
I placed the saints in prison, Compelled them to blaspheme.
I gave my voice against them When they were put to death
I persecuted many -
Oh, must I waste my breath – Agrippa,


3. The Road to Damascus
So then I went to Damascus With commissioned authority
But in the way, a light from Heaven Shined round about-a me.
I fell to Earth, and heard a voice 'Why persecutest thou, Saul?'
It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks' It was the Lord of All.
I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest, But rise up on thy feet.
I have appeared unto thee for a purpose There are things you must complete.
You must minister and witness, To the things that thou hast seen
Be a light to the gentiles"
You must have heard what I mean, Agrippa:


4. Paul's commission
Having obtained the help of God I continue to this day,
Saying none other things but the prophets and Moses,
Who spoke about the way.
That Christ should suffer, and be the first
That should rise up from the dead Agrippa, Festus, you have heard
These things that I have said,
I am not mad, most noble Festus, But speak for truth and soberness
Agrippa, believest thou the prophets? I know that thou believest.
"Almost thou persuadest me,
To be a Christian," and what remains?
I would that not only thou, But all these here would be
Almost and altogether as I - except these chains.



from Kibrothhattaavah, released April 30, 2011




Ben Swithen Sheffield, UK

Ben Swithen is a person.

Here you can find their music - solo work, and a Doctor-Who- and-Cheese double-concept concept-album by The Potential Bees (who are a two- or three- person band), which forces both concepts into every song).

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